This New Auction Site Is a Decorating Game-Changer

Have you ever considered shopping a local estate sale but gotten scared off by the competitive crowds and rush of it all? Or seen a listing for a sale you’d love to check out but it’s in Illinois and you’re in Virginia? Well, we have found you a solution. Everything But the House is a revolutionising the online estate and consignment sale scene by enabling consumers to access incredible finds (at potentially incredible prices), without having to leave their own homes. We sat down with Jon Nielsen, a partner at the start-up to discuss what makes this auction site different from the rest, and why you need it on your radar—now.

MyDomaine: Tell us a little bit about Everything But the House
Jon Nielsen: Headquartered in Cincinnati, Everything But the House (EBTH) is an online estate sale company that combines the personal touch of a local business with the convenience and reach of an e-commerce company. Our online platform at offers unique items to bidders (think: furniture, artwork, home décor) that appeal to a wide range of customer tastes from antiques, to midcentury modern, to contemporary. We work with a wide range of sellers, including people who are downsizing, moving across the country, or just selling off a personal collection.

MD: What was missing in the online auction marketplace that EBTH fulfils?
JN: EBTH is a full-service business, which is important to our customers, especially those that might be experiencing a major life-changing event, such as dealing with the death of a parent or a stressful move. Our goal is to truly take away the pain of liquidating a home or selling off a collection. Once a seller contacts us, our EBTH experts work in our client’s home to sort, photograph, and research all of the pieces that will go up for sale on Importantly, we don’t just handle the items for sale; we arrange for pick-up of items that need to be donated or thrown away, and leave the home completely empty and clean when we are finished.

MD: Truly full service. So what sets EBTH apart from other auction sites?
JN: We attract sellers who trust our service with their unique and much-loved items—pieces such as original Rembrandt etchings, World Series rings, and antique fire trucks—unique items not typically found on other sites and all bidding starts at $1. We find that our bidders are knowledgeable and know the value of the pieces they are interested in. As sales wind down, last-minute bids add five additional minutes to the clock to give everyone a fair shot. It’s all about the element of discovery, combined with the thrill of an auction experience.

MD: Can you walk us through the bidding process?
JN: Once you register on the site you’ll received you unique ID which will allow you to “follow” items without having to place a bid, or you can go ahead and set a max bid for a piece. You’ll be notified if you’re winning or if you’ve been outbid. Once you win, your card is charged and you can either collect your item if it’s local or we can arrange the shipping.

If you’re ready to dive into the world of online estate sales and potentially score high-value or rare items at a fraction of the usual cost, head on over to Everything But the House to see what’s on offer! Current sales include personal property in Palm Springs, Lexington, Cincinnati, and Nashville. Bid on some of our choice picks below!

Have you ever scored a rare piece at an estate sale? Tell us about it in the comments!

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