This Is How to Style a Home When the Décor Theme Is Minimalism

Sacha Strebe

Call it the voyeur in us, but we love nothing more than peeking behind closed doors to see how the other half lives. Erin Kleinberg clearly sides with us. As the co-founder of Coveteur and Métier Creative, Kleinberg has been fuelling our obsession and taking style notes while she's at it. After several years of documenting the enviable homes (and closets) of some of our favourite personalities, she was armed with more inspiration than Pinterest when she eventually bought her first home in Toronto, Canada.

By the time they purchased the "adorable white brick bungalow" in 2015, Kleinberg and her husband knew what they wanted. So they built their dream home from the ground up with the help of Toronto-based design firm, Izen Architecture. "Even though we tore it down practically to nothing, a lot of the inspiration for the house came from the original look of the home," she tells MyDomaine. "I loved the cottage-y vibe of the home." The styles of architecture are a complete mix, but it works.

"I can't lie. I'm thrilled with the final product," she exclaims. "It is modern but not stark—mission accomplished. Often I find modern houses can feel quite cold, and I wanted our space to feel warm and cosy, reminiscent of a beach house or a Palm Springs oasis." The goal was to create a little piece of R&R paradise in Toronto, and we think she nailed it. "[I wanted a place] I could come home to every day and feel instantly transported to some of my favourite travel destinations," she says. Ahead Kleinberg shows us each room of the striking abode with a few style notes along the way.

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