How a Fashion Designer Turned Her Backyard Into a Whimsical First Birthday Party

Dacy Knight

Fashion designer Erin Fetherston is known for her gorgeously feminine, free-spirited designs. Her beautiful bohemian sensibilities are infused into her collections, personal style, and even party planning duties. To celebrate the first birthdays of her son and her best friend's daughter, Fetherston teamed up with Kimberly Van Der Beek for a joint fête in the form of a whimsical garden party. With splashes of coral, tangerine, and peach popping against airy whites and lush spring greens, Fetherston's backyard at her Los Angeles home was transformed into magical space awakening childlike wonder. Keep scrolling to read our interview with Erin Fetherston then see all the photos from her gorgeous party below.

MYDOMAINE: What was the theme of the party? Why?

ERIN FETHERSTON: I love entertaining in our backyard, so I wanted to turn the space into a magical, whimsical garden party. Like all babies, my son is obsessed with balloons, so I wanted them to be a key design element. I inflated the balloons with air so they would organically scatter across the lawn and the pool. Flowers were the other key element, and I set up little picnic blanket vignettes on the lawn which the older children loved. I think the overall vibe was cheerful and festive.

MD: How did you decide on the colour scheme?

EF: As we were celebrating a girl and a boy, we wanted the colour scheme to feel gender neutral. We chose shades of tangerine, peach, and coral layered with white, greens, and grays which looked beautiful in our backyard. I liked that the colour scheme was childlike and playful while sophisticated.

MD: Can you talk us through the food that you decided on? Was it healthy too?

EF: When entertaining, I try to be sensitive to the range of diets and preferences of guests.  Hosting a kid's party was new for me; we had babies, young children, and adults to consider.  I had plenty of crudités and fruit platters circulating throughout the day, which was great for kids and health conscious parents. To keep the rest of the crowd happy, we hired TwoDoughs Pizza who set up wood burning ovens in our driveway.  They served amazing pizzas (made with yeast free dough) as well as delicious, hearty salads that were major crowd pleasers. The on-site pizza making doubled as entertainment for the older kids.

For dessert, I commissioned cakes and cupcakes from SmashBaby cakes. We had one vanilla cake and one chocolate. We also served vegan, gluten-free cookies from the Erin McKenna's Bakery. 

MD: You teamed up with Kimberly for a joint birthday party, tell us how this came about? 

EF: I was very lucky to go through my first year of motherhood side by side with my best friend Kimberly. Our babies were born three weeks a part.  We both had home births and she was my son's first visitor just hours after he was born. When Kimberly's daughter was born three weeks later, we got to visit the very same day and our babies have been friends ever since. It was only natural that we would do a joint first birthday party.

MD: What were the benefits of collaborating?

EF: When it comes to friends and family, we have a "more is more" mentality. By hosting a joint celebration, we got to include a broader scope of guests, make new friends, and be together with our nearest and dearest. It was so much fun.

MD: What is your advice to other mums who want to create an elevated birthday celebration at home?

EF: Just choose two to three design elements and focus on them so they make an impact. I was personally amazed at how impactful the balloons were as decoration for our party and they could not have been easier to execute.  Elevate the look by mixing in sophisticated neutrals with bright colours.

Another thing we did was provide birthday books for each baby where we invited guests to write a special message. When our kids are older, I hope this is something they will enjoy reading.

MD: Anything else you'd like to add?

EF: The picnic blankets, pillows, table cloth, and outdoor furniture featured in this event is all from my home collection Erin Fetherston x Fragments Identity. (unfortunately not available in Australia).

Enjoy the collection of beautiful photos from the whimsical garden party below.

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