Home Tour: Erica Reitman's Boho Apartment

Nicole Cohen

Erica Reitman and I met years ago via the internet and bonded over a shared love of reality TV, blogging, and an interior design fetish. Erica is a straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is interior designer, who recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. She’s also been the woman behind quite a few legit blogs, most notably Effed in Park Slope and Design Blahg, which have both since evolved into her latest venture VintageDesign.me, where she proclaims: “I will kick your house’s arse.” And she will!

On the weekends you can find her Instagramming her scores from local flea markets (You know Rose Bowl?), or working on some of her so-called “remedial” DIY projects. Really, they are fabulous though. She loves all things vintage, and the apartment she shares with her husband and basset hound are jam-packed with her finds.

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