"A Spark Has Been Ignited With Women"— Why Fighting for Equal Rights Matters

Gabrielle Savoie

With just a day to go before the midterm elections, women face a historic moment that could have drastic consequences on the lives of many. The year 2018 has been coined "the year of the woman"—a term that was originally used to describe 1991 (the year Anita Hill delivered devastating testimony before Congress).

In the wake of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it's increasingly clear that more than 25 years later, we still have leaps and bounds to make to achieve equal rights. While disheartening, this shouldn't be so surprising in a political environment where Congress is still 81% male.

This year, women are working to turn the tide. Since the Women's March in 2017, a record number of women have decided to run for public office, and many of the candidates are setting the stage for a series of historic "firsts" up and down the ballot. Women everywhere are becoming more engaged in activism, fighting for issues ranging from gun control to reproductive rights.

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