These Self-Made Australian Women Share the Advice They Wish Someone Had Told Them

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


With the benefit of hindsight, we'd all probably change a few things in our past, right? Which is why we’d love to turn back the clock and give our younger selves some advice from our older, (sometimes) wiser selves. With that in mind, Huffington Post Australia spoke to some of our country’s top CEOs and entrepreneurs who shared what they would tell their younger selves—if they had access to a time machine. Scroll on for arguably some of the best, first-hand career advice you’ll ever receive.


Jessica Ruhfus, Founder and CEO of Collabosaurus

"I remember thinking I was incredibly busy while I was at university," Ruhfus said. "Truth is, I had no idea what the real-life corporate world was like day-to-day. I went from holding a waitressing job and studying four days a week to a job that demanded a 1.5hr commute to and from work, a graduate salary and long hours. I wish I was more aware of time management and priorities so that I maximised study to involve more work experience placements and internships. That way, I could have strengthened industry connections and entered the workforce far more prepared."

Rebekah Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Hey You!

"I wish I had known that I didn't have to wait until I was more experienced before starting my own business—it doesn’t matter what age you are," Campbell told Huffington Post. "If you're at university and have aspirations to start something, why not start it now? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just get out and do it! The younger you start, the earlier you can start learning, especially from any mistakes along the way."

Taryn Williams, Co-founder and CEO of; founder and managing director of WINK Models

"Don’t waste time re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic," Williams said. "Whether it’s personal, study or work related, if something is not working, cut your losses and move on. It’s in the same vein of ‘fail fast’ that is so popular in Silicon Valley."

Sarah Hamilton, CEO and co-founder of Bellabox

"I wish I knew to take a break and to travel overseas before uni," Hamilton said. "I think without the break it becomes an extension of school (being taught and not having to apply yourself in a work sense). I would have liked to challenge myself more at uni and to have a better understanding of what my education could have been utilised for in the 'real world'."

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