This New Brewery in The Rocks Is the Fanciest Pub in Sydney

Lauren Powell

Sydneysiders, there’s a new venue in town and every beer connoisseur, foodie, and interior lover should add it to their must-visit list immediately.

Australian brewer Endeavour Vintage Beer Co, and renowned hospitality company Applejack Hospitality (the masterminds behind Bondi Hardware, The Botanist, SoCal, Della Hyde, and The Butler), have just opened the heritage-listed doors to an onsite-brewery, bar, and restaurant.

Located in The Rocks inside a building that once housed Sydney’s longest-running colonial hotel, that dates back to the 1800s, Endeavour Tap Rooms is not only home to award-winning brewed beer and a mouth-watering menu, but it also boasts an interior so chic it is undoubtedly one of the fanciest pubs in town. Architectural firm Welsh + Major transformed the site into a contemporary space that pays homage to its rich history that results in a space that is contemporary, but incredibly charming. Scroll down to take the tour.

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