Your Ultimate End of Summer Bucket List

Lauren Powell


And just like that, the final days of summer are upon us. But never fear, there couldn’t be a more perfect excuse to enjoy the last of the long, warm days to their full potential. The creators of inspiring travel journal My Bucket List and self-confessed adventurers, Axel & Ash, have shared with us their inspiring end of summer bucket list, so we can all savour the last of the unbeatable Australian summer. Read on to make your last days of this summer count.  

Discover your own backyard

Grab a friend or a loved one and set out to visit a part of town that you've never been to before—explore streets you don’t normally have time to, discover a cute restaurant, and talk to the locals.

Take a road trip

Grab your SO or your best friend and hit the open road for an adventure somewhere new. Fill up the tank, hit play on your favourite tunes, and explore our beautiful country—even if just for the day.

Organise a Pétanque picnic

Rally the troupes, pack a couple of bottles of your favourite drop of red, a selection of fine cheeses, a boules set, and celebrate the last days of summer with a Parisian-inspired picnic. 


There is something magical about lying under the night sky and getting lost in the beauty of the universe. Enjoy the last few balmy nights outdoors and admire the night’s natural lights while they’re shining their brightest.

Learn to cook something new

Take the time to learn how to cook that Instagram-worthy recipe you’ve been drooling over for the past few months—what better way to rejoice the last days of summer than hosting your friends for an alfresco feast.

Enjoy a scenic coastal walk

There is really no better way to enjoy the summer sun—and to clear your mind—than by the sea. Take advantage of the last of the long days by admiring our stunning coastlines post-work and ending your day in arguably the best way possible.

Snorkel a hidden gem

Discover a pristine snorkel spot and get lost for hours watching the life under the sea.

Book the Open Air Cinema

Pack a picnic and cozy up under the stars and watch one of the latest or greatest movies at a local outdoor cinema before they pack up for the season.

Go on a hike

From the lush rainforest and misty waterfalls to granite slopes, dry outback or rugged coastal hinterland —Australia offers the most spectacular and diverse natural terrain. The perfect combination of exercise and adventure, a hike is a spectacular way to spend a summer day.  

Visit farmers markets

Treat your senses and taste buds to fresh seasonal produce from local farmers. Support your local community, sample all the culinary goodies, and head home to cook up a storm outside on the barbeque.

Write down all of your your end of summer adventure plans in The Bucket List journal.

What will you be doing before summer’s out? Share with us below!

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