Why Your Emotions Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Health

Sacha Strebe

A few years ago, I was a ticking emotional time bomb. To outsiders, I was a fairly happy-go-lucky, confident woman, and for the most part, I believed that too—well kind of, but not really. As a typical type A personality—or “anxiety-prone go-getter”—nothing was ever good enough, and everything could be better, from my appearance to my performance, and I told myself so internally, constantly. Eventually this made me pretty sick, and it was the final straw for my sister, who sent me an incredible life-changing book that saved me from myself: The Body Is the Barometer of the Soul, so Be Your Own Doctor by Annette Noontil.

This book explains the critical impact our emotions and thoughts can have on our physical health. Noontil believes that “thoughts are energy and they are powerful,” so when you have a negative thought, it can develop physical illness in the body. Annette’s book is a constant reference for me. Whenever I start feeling sick, the book will show me the emotion attached to that feeling, and through having that awareness, I can stop it from happening again. I know many other women like myself who run on emotion so much of the time, but this is a recipe for disaster for your long-term health. Scroll down to read more about this interesting concept and how to stop negative emotion from affecting your health. 

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