Inside this Plant Stylist's Charming 1901 Adelaide Cottage

Lauren Powell

Fact: This historic Adelaide home is every plant-lovers dream. Greenery in all its glory is the star of the show in every single nook and cranny in this 1901 worker’s cottage—so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a nursery. It’s unsurprising knowing that the home belongs to plant stylist and founder of EST, Emma Sadie Thomson, who has lived in the semi-detached, red brick and stone home for over five years now.  

Located in the industrial suburb of Mile End, which hugs the fringe of the South Australian capital’s CBD, the two-bedroom abode is just as charming on the inside as it is on the out. The exterior which exudes old-school charm is complimented with a minimalist, light-filled interior that is home to crisp white walls, retro-inspired furniture, tribal-inspired textiles, and Thomson’s favourite feature—her endless collection of plants. “To be living in a house that has remained unchanged for the past 115 years is a testament to the craftsmen who built it—something I truly appreciate and enjoy,” says Thomson. Scroll down and take a tour through the delightful property that should be the definition of home.

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