Emerging Young Artists You Need to Know

Lauren Powell

Whether you own art, are a collector, enjoy admiring, or produce pieces yourself, it’s a beautiful part of life and we can’t get enough.

The fortunate Maria Brito, a highly regarded NYC-based art advisor, spends her days travelling the globe looking for emerging artists and designers and has shared with Goop her top 15 list of the “ones to watch” around the world.  “I look for art that has an aesthetic value and whose concept and execution brings something worth paying for,” explains Brito. “I can’t predict if these artists will be considered eminences centuries from now, and I don’t write algorithms like ArtRank. I do, however, have an eye for things that are beautiful, moving, powerful, and well-made.”

A reputable recommendation is always welcomed (and an excellent idea), especially when it comes to art. Your walls are calling!

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