This iPhone App Rewards You For Your Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Dana Covit

It's an undeniable fact of life that not all of us feel naturally compelled to hit the gym each morning or drink that green juice each afternoon. But, that doesn't mean we don't all want to make healthier choices in our day to day lives. Enter: Ellevate, a brand new app that seeks to guide users along the path to a healthier lifestyle, one small, interactive step at a time.

The app includes daily challenges and earned points that unlock rewards from vetted lifestyle brands that align with the Ellevate vision. According to co-founders Meg Rooney and Michelle Walrath, the inspiration behind Ellevate was the desire to help people discover that "first taste of matcha, the yoga pose that will help you sleep, the safe (but effective!) deodorant, the mascara that lengthens but doesn't poison." "We've learned that one small healthy choice can inspire big lifestyle changes. We want to inspire people with information and empower them by introducing them to authentic brands," say Rooney and Walrath.

If you want to learn more, visit the Ellevate app website now!

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