First Thing: Elle Ferguson Reveals Her Inspiring Morning Routine

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Caroline McCredie

Known not only for her impeccable fashion style, but also for her inspiring healthy lifestyle, fashion influencer and one half of They All Hate Us blog, Elle Ferguson, can certainly attribute part of her success to her motivating morning routine. The style icon ensures her morning sets her up for her busy schedule each and every day. Read on to find out how this fashion blogger spends her A.M. and get ready to be inspired.

6:30am: My alarm goes off—and I'd like to say I get up straight away, but I lay there for a good 30 minutes and check my emails and scroll through Instagram.

7:00am: I get up and clean my teeth (I have an electric tooth brush with a timer so I love cleaning my teeth for a good five minutes) and then wash my face.

7:15am: I tong my hair and do my makeup—regardless of what I have on I always do my hair and do my makeup—it gets me ready for whatever the day entails. Our days are never normal so I like to know I'm ready.



8:00am: I put my fur baby, Sadie—my blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier that I share with my sister—on a lead and walk her down to the fruit shop to get myself an acai smoothie.

8:30am: I get myself dressed and ready for Pilates.

9:00am: I'm currently in the middle of a 30 day #trickychallenge that involves me doing 30 days of Pilates at Fluid Form everyday.



10:00am: After Pilates, I chat with Tash, my best friend and business partner of They All Hate Us, and we plan out what's next in our wonderful world.

What does your morning routine consist of? Share your secrets for starting the day well below!

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