Elle Ferguson Shares the Reality of Working as an Influencer For Offline

In the highly anticipated second episode of Offline, The Podcast, host Alison Rice interviews global digital influencer and entrepreneur, Elle Ferguson. Giving women everywhere access to the real women behind the Instagram accounts, Elle bravely revealed the realities of working as an influencer, the difficult road to launching her namesake tanning product The Elle Effect, and when asked about some of her low points on social media, the time someone maliciously impersonated her.  

“I have had an incident where someone tried to steal my identity . . . they were sending naked photos with just the tips of the blonde hair—so my blonde hair—on their boobs, and then like in a bikini or topless, panties and all of that. And then were sending that to high profile sportsmen in Australia,” Elle revealed.  

When she launched Offline, host Alison Rice shared her goal with listeners, and Elle’s episode certainly brings it to life. “This is for the women who are ready to live their lives instead of producing a highlight reel. I’m interviewing some of the incredible women we all love to follow on Instagram, and together we get real about life on the other side of the filter.

“It isn’t easy to be honest when you’re in the world so publicly. Fear of judgment is at times paralysing, but we can’t let it stop us from sharing.”

Read our executive editor’s very honest and open chat with Alison Rice to find out more about Offline, The Podcast.

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