Why This Blogging Duo Has Over 950K Instagram Followers

Lauren Powell


The founders of leading fashion and lifestyle blog They All Hate Us, Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are arguably one of the country’s most stylish duos. The sartorially-savvy pair have been inspiring women’s style and wardrobes for over seven years via their coveted website and their Instagram profiles, which have a combined following of 964,000—impressive. The Sydney-based fashion influencers have shared their top Instagram tips and insights with us, and they are clearly working an absolute treat. Scroll down to learn all of the secrets from these Instagram pros.

Elle Ferguson, They All Hate Us

  • Recently I have discovered the filter “fade”, which is actually in the iPhone “Photos” app, and it has changed my life. But the warning is you will want to use it on everything as everything looks better in fade.
  • I never really take photos at night or post photos after dark unless I'm at an event and the lighting is exceptionally good.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes. Sometimes it is the simplest photo of me looking down with the camera taking a snap of my feet on a simple background, which ends up to be a killer shot.
  • Ask anyone, but I am obsessed with this thing called “PopSockets”. Gigi Hadid had one on her phone when we had lunch with her and I've been obsessed ever since. It's a suction cap on the back of your phone that allows you to hold your camera really easily.
  • Don't over think it—Instagram is about you—if you like the photo, post it!

Tash Sefton, They All Hate Us

  • Even though you can load larger portrait and landscape images now I still only use square images for consistency. Always take your pics in the square mode so you don't have to edit the image to fit—cropping your feet out is not a good look! 
  • I take photos all the time and save them—it's good to keep a back-up of images you haven't posted for those days when you don't have time to take a pic and they are a saviour when you are having a bad hair day. 
  • I like that Instagram is an inside look into your world, so I try not to over style or embellish the images—it's very real and not staged, and not edited! 
  • My nine-year-old takes most of my images. Something to do with his height and the angle makes for a great shot. I also have a tripod and a self-timing app for those days when it's “too embarrassing” for him to be the camera boy. 
  • Don’t obsess about how many likes you have or haven't got on an image. Some of my favourite images aren't liked by others and that’s okay! If I like the image then that's all that matters. 

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