First Thing: Eleanor Pendleton's Morning Routine is Nothing Short of Inspiring

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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As the 27-year-old founder of beauty website and online magazine, Gritty Pretty, Eleanor Pendleton can be described as many things—innovative, inspiring, dedicated and successful, to name a few. And she can certainly attribute some of this success to her proactive and productive days, which are set-up by her motivating morning routine. Pendleton revealed to us how she spends the first few hours of each day—and if we all took a leaf out of her book, we’d be off to a pretty excellent start ourselves. Read on to find out how this beauty guru and entrepreneur kicks off her day.

6.00am: My iPhone alarm goes off. I like to start my days early! I've never been a night time person. I once read the most productive people start their days early so I try to follow that. I find giving myself more hours in the morning—before my frenetic job kicks off—keeps me calm, collected and focused throughout the rest of the day. I highly recommend it—it's a great habit anyone can form (even if you are a bit of a morning grouch!).

The first thing I do after waking up is scroll through Instagram for any news that happened overnight internationally. I also check for any urgent emails. After that, I'm up and I brush my teeth and cleanse my face with SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser.

6:30am: Three times a week, I head to a hatha yoga class at Qi Yoga in Freshwater. Otherwise, if I want more of a strengthening work out, I go to Megaformer at Physicore in Mosman or Surry Hills. For a bit of a treat, I'll have a personal yoga class with Gabriella Woodward from Infinite Yoga. She is amazing! I always have such a great, deep practice with her.



8.00am: I change into work clothes and get ready for the day. My working days are never the same. They can either begin with a morning breakfast meeting with a publicist or advertising client, a product launch event, or at my office at Sydney's La Porte Space. On my drive to work, I pick up a Campos coffee (I'm a massive coffee snob) and I use this time to make a lot of phone calls starting with my Head of Partnerships, Katherine Moses at MG-MT. Every morning, we discuss what projects Gritty Pretty has coming up, what briefs we have to respond to and general business chat.

8:30am: I'm usually at the office before 9am. Most days, I receive between 200 – 250 emails a day so I sift through the ones that hit my inbox overnight.


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9:30am: Once a week, my team and I sit down and have a WIP. We catch up on where everyone is at, what our priorities are, and where both our team and personal deadlines are at. I also use this time to congratulate them on their personal and team achievements.

10am: By 10am, my mind and body is ready to tackle what the day throws my way. It might be negotiating a cover star for our upcoming digital magazine, interviewing a celebrity makeup artist, coming up with innovative creative concepts with Gritty Pretty's art director, personally photographing stills, or modelling for beauty editorials myself. As editor of Gritty Pretty, no two days are ever the same—it's the best thing I love about my job!

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