Under $50: What Our Editor Is Spending Her Last Pineapple on This Month

Lauren Powell

When you're looking to score yourself a beautiful item for your home, there's nolonger a prerequisite to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can't afford, thanks to the ever-growing array of on-trend interior brands that aren’t accessorised with a hefty price tag. Rather, a humble pineapple (that we could otherwise easily blow on a dinner with the BFF, a Friday night trip to the bottle shop, or a quick bread, milk, and Cadbury run at Woolies) can actually buy you a treasured accessory for your humble abode. We know what we’d prefer to spend our last $50 (or even less!) on. Scroll on to see what affordably stylish items are on my shortlist this month and shop them for yourselves.

What would you spend your last $50 on this month? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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