Hey, Twenty-Somethings: Stop Wasting Money On These 30 Things

Dana Covit

It's time. You know that pricey pressed juice addiction you've been nursing? Or that penchant for taking an Uber literally everywhere you go? It's time to kick the habit, or at least cut back. If you've been looking for ways to save, we suggest you read on. Stylecaster is laying down the law, calling out 30 things we may love and adore, but really should think twice about. Do we insist you leave behind every single one of these expenses entirely? Not necessarily! But if you can curtail some spending on even a few, you may just find yourself saving mega money (hello, vacation fund!). Read on!

  1. Daily lattes
  2. Unused gym memberships
  3. Seamless food delivery
  4. Expensive fad superfoods
  5. Fast fashion
  6. Brand name items (when generic options are just as good)
  7. Wasted leftovers
  8. Pressed juices
  9. Excessive Uber and Lyft rides
  10. The newest tech gadgets
  11. Dry cleaning
  12. Fancy shampoos and toiletries
  13. ATM fees
  14. Overpriced cocktails
  15. Boutique exercise classes

So, what's the takeaway? While we certainly wouldn't insist you stop eating kale or that you desert your love for healthy juice altogether, there are more conscious ways to go about it! Invest in a juicer. Learn how to make a few stellar cocktails and invite friends over for drinks before heading out to bars. Opt for public transit during the daytime, so that your after-dark Ubers don't add up so fast. Do your research, and take a beat before you spend. Who knows, you may discover a better alternative while you're at it!

To see more items from this list of things twenty-somethings should stop wasting money on, head to Stylecaster.

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