10 Deceptively Easy Recipes Every Beginner Cook Should Master

by Zoe Brown

Cooking can be a burden when running on a tight schedule. Everyone who has been laser-focused on their career has had to decide between taking the time to create a well-rounded dinner or just order takeout. To avoid facing this dilemma, it is handy to have a handful of simple, versatile recipes at your disposal.

Navigating the kitchen can feel like a dream for those born to do it, but even if you are not as gifted, the experience can still be enjoyable. After all, the end product is something you can admire and eat. Variety is said to be the spice of life, and when it comes to our diets, it is a necessity; keep a healthy rotation of easy dishes with diverse vegetables, starches, and protein to ensure you never get sick of any of it.

We selected 10 familiar easy recipes for beginner cooks that are simple enough for any budding chef to pull off without a hitch. Many of these will be dishes you have had a million times before, so why not try your hand making it from scratch? Pick your favourites and get started below. 

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