Seriously Easy Money Hacks You Need to Try

One of my best friend’s mothers has what she calls her “slush fund”—a bank account with enough money stashed away to save her in any situation (and I’ve also been told she may break into it when she eyes something she really loves at a certain sample sale). When I heard about her savings account a few years ago, I took a step back, analysed my own personal finances, and realised I needed to begin making small changes to become more financially fit.

We’ve already talked about how to be smarter about our money this year, but when I saw this article on Working Mother about simple money hacks to save you cash, I knew it was worth sharing. Here are some of my favourite suggestions from the piece below:

  1. Look closely at your January paychecks. The new year means different costs for things like health insurance, daycare, etc. Make sure you check your account for these new charges and make sure you're not overdrafting (or overspending).
  2. Your calendar should be your new best friend. When you're not organised, you miss doctor's appointments and are late to relieve your sitter. All of these events end up costing you extra bucks you weren't planning on spending, so start following your calendar closely and setting alerts on your phone.
  3. Rent e-books from your library. If you read as quickly as I do, then your bookstore bills are adding up. Save yourself time and money by using your local library card to rent books for free on your e-reader.
  4. Embrace apps. Budgeting and money saving apps  will help you be organised and sensible with your money everywhere you go. 


 For the full list of 2016 money-saving hacks, visit Working Mother

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What is one simple thing you do to save money? Let us know in the comments below!

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