This Is How You Turn a Sunday Indulgence Into a Healthy Breakfast

by Amanda Jacoby

Is there anything better than rolling out of bed on a Sunday, turning on your favourite playlist, and fixing yourself a cup of coffee with some pancakes in your pj’s? We think not. For us, the “nesting is the new going out” trend is more than just a buzzy phrase—we live by it. And when it comes to the ultimate comfort food, pancakes are where it’s at. Lucky for you, we found the most mouthwatering recipes (that are good for you) to add to your Sunday brunch menu. Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to eat something insanely delicious and satisfy your sweet tooth.

We guarantee that at first bite, memories of your childhood will come flooding back along with joy-filled brunches spent with friends on lazy, sunny days. If this is your idea of heaven too, then it’s time to get out the frying pan and whip these up today. So put on your robe and slippers, light the stove, and let these nutritious pancakes warm you up.

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