These Gorgeous Pics Prove "Dronies" Are the New Selfies

Genevieve Fish

In August 2013, the word selfie was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary. Selfie sticks are a best seller. And you can’t scroll through Instagram or go online without seeing a flood of selfies. But Los Angeles–based artist Renee Lusano is leading the "dronie” takeover of the selfie as best self-taken photograph. Her Instagram feed will infect you with a severe case of wanderlust and vacation envy, but you’ll be too in awe of the epic photography to be mad. Lusano’s photographs are utterly stunning. She travels the world with her drone, which she named Furby, and shoots herself in exotic locations like Chile, Argentina, and Hawaii. The next destination on her wish list? Antarctica.  

We love the bird’s-eye view Lusano brings to her photographs. Her Grey Malin–esque beach shots embody the joy and brightness of summer while her garment dronies take the flat-lay to epic proportions. Scroll through for some of our favourite Lusano photos, and follow the artist @Wreness.

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