Step Inside the Dream Home of 2017

Sophie Miura

If you could design the home of your dreams, what would each room look like? Would you opt for a timeless neutral colour palette or go bold with statement hues? Are you a standalone-tub devotee, or would you trade it for a shower with an unbeatable view?

While you probably have an idea of what your ideal home looks like, this image shifts a little every year as new trends emerge. In 2016, Pinterest mined data from their millions of users and declared the dream home was a rustic farmhouse-style abode peppered with cool-coloured accents.

So what does the dream home of 2017 look like? To find out, we tapped Houzz's and Pinterest's extensive user databases to discover which trends are on the rise. Unlike its predecessor, this inviting home is modern, open plan, and bursting with jewel tones. Step inside…

The Entryway

The dream home of 2017 is brighter and airier than last year's abode. In 2016, Pinterest users were most drawn to traditional spaces, but this year, we're seeing a much more daring approach to decorating.

Black steel and glass doors are set to be huge. "They are popping up everywhere. They're great for dark entryways that could use some natural light, and they make a statement for shower doors when frameless glass doesn't cut it for you," the Houzz report says.

Homeowners are also more invested than ever in creating an entryway that makes an impact—and are ready to spend big. Renovators will spend on average $2500 to reimagine an entryway or mudroom that's 150 square feet or more, meaning it's about to become one of the most stylish parts of the house.

Instant update: Not ready to renovate? Give your entryway a quick face-lift by adding a modern mirror in the hallway. Opt for mixed metals or curved lines for a piece that will remain on trend this year.

How did this compare to your vision of the dream home? Take a look inside our ultimate house for inspiration.

Opening Image: Alyssa Rosenheck; Design: Laurel Powel

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