This Little-Known App Just Became More Popular Than Facebook

Sophie Miura

Courtesy of The Chronicles of Her

Coordinating a catch-up with friends can be a logistical pain, especially when it's last-minute. Enter Down to Lunch, an app that's just soared past Facebook and Instagram to number three on the U.S. download chart for iPhone. Never heard of it? This handy little app is about to revolutionise the way you meet up with friends and could save you a lot of time. 

Here's how it works: According to Business Insider, the app pulls a ton of contacts when you input your number. If you're keen to grab lunch with friends but aren't sure who is free (or close by), simply choose the activity, people, and location from a drop-down menu. It Will alert contacts nearby that you're "down to lunch," and send you a notification if anyone is free. Easy. 

The app was initially created for university students, so activity choices range from studying and chilling, to meeting up for breakfast or lunch. According to Business Insider, the simple concept has attracted a number of venture capitalists, prompting whispers that this little-known app could be the next big thing. 

Want to give it a try? Download Down to Lunch, then visit Business Insider to find out more

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