8 Throwback Domino Rooms We Still Love Years Later

Julia Millay Walsh

In honour of #TBT, we thought we’d revisit one of the publications that got us excited about interior design 10 years ago: Domino. Launched in 2005, the magazine presented a fresh, youthful vision for home decorating at a time when many old-school shelter pubs felt stale, stuffy, and unattainable. We all lamented the fall of Domino when it folded in 2009 (and were thrilled to see it relaunch under new leadership four years later). We still remember vividly some of our favourite covers and home tours from its issues. We took a look back through our own personal archives (yes, we’re still hoarding them!), and discovered we’re just as much in love with some of those memorable spaces as we were years ago.

Scroll below for a trip down memory lane—and tell us which rooms you still admire, too.

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