Sleep Deprived? Turns Out It's Not the Amount of Sleep You Get It's the Quality

Nicole Singh

As a general rule, sleep experts have begged us sleep-deprived folk to try and get a solid eight hours of shut-eye per night. But with work hours stretching late into the evening, and Netflix episodes that are too good to press pause, allocating that amount of time to sleep can feel nearly impossible for the multi-tasking woman.

From daily performance to physical health, we’ve been warned of how poor-sleep habits can manifest into larger issues, but now, according to new research by Yu Sun Bin, a research fellow from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkin Centre, if you have poor quality of sleep, it really doesn’t matter how many hours you get. "We found that poor sleep quality is linked to worse functioning regardless of how long a person has slept for" Dr Bin has said.

The findings also showed that the participants who had six quality hours or less, functioned the same as those who had eight quality hours of sleep. Revealing that instead of focusing on the amount of shut-eye we get, we should in fact be worrying about the type of sleep we get.

Co-researcher Nick Glozier adds that instead of keeping a close eye on the clock, it’s more important to focus on creating a strict pre-sleep routine, "ensuring a gentle pre-bed wind-down, avoiding overuse of devices in the bedroom, a good bed temperature, and a consistent bed time," are a few things to factor before you turn the lights off for a better night's sleep.

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