The Guide to Selecting Dining Room Light Fixtures

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Q. How do I select light fixtures for my dining room? When selecting lighting for dining rooms, it is essential to create an ambient mood for your dining experience. Personally, I use the size and style of the dining table as a starting point for my lighting schemes. When selecting light fixtures in a dining room, the key us to make sure that the scale and proportion of your fixtures work within the size of the space, in order to light each area well and avoid neglecting any corner.

Select a Statement Piece: Using a dramatic chandelier in the center of the table is an elegant and chic way to tie the whole room together, while providing ample light on the tabletop. Grouping pendant lights hung a different heights is another way to draw attention to the center of the table. Use this as an opportunity to create a focal point, if there are no other "design moments," like elegantly styled consoles or display cabinets, in the room. Layer On Accent Fixtures: Accent lighting can also be used to add an element of drama to any dining room. Recently, I designed a dining room with a tray ceiling that was exaggerated with hidden amber light. The addition of sconces, flanking either a piece of large-scale artwork or a mirror, makes any dining room more impactful and stylish, while providing mood lighting. Pin light fixtures are also a fabulous way to highlight sculptural elements and accessories that add interest. What are your favourite ways to light a dining area? Let us know in the comments. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of Nuevo Estilo

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