Your Digital Therapist Will See You Now

Sacha Strebe

When our to-do list outnumbers the hours in a day, our mental health can be left like a pressure cooker unattended. No one, not even you, wants to be around when that goes off. So to minimise the risk of self-implosion or toxic meltdowns, consider downloading one of the new digital therapy apps. These online resources have on-demand licensed practitioners who can offer daily support and instant chat options when you really need to talk but want to maintain privacy. The upcoming Cassandra ReportBody Mind Soul revealed Gen Y'ers consider therapy a highly important wellness resource, but they don't want to use the traditional methods. These new versions strip away the stereotypes and make talking to someone super-easy, intimate, and confidential. Scroll down to discover three new resources for daily wellness.


Talkspace is only a startup, but already it has connected more than 100,000 people across the U.S. mental health professionals online and via the app. It's super-intuitive too. After an initial consult, it can match patients with the right practitioner and uses semantic analysis to gain insights about a user’s personality, thinking style, and emotional stress. For a flat weekly or monthly fee, clients can send their therapist unlimited messages and receive more immediate support than they would from in-person sessions. Following an additional round of funding, the company plans to expand to Europe and Asia by next year.


Young people are digital natives, so sending their private details and thoughts via text to their counselor is a more natural and comfortable option. Not only is it easier and more accessible, but also, technology creates a buffer, so they feel safe being vulnerable. Lantern caters to this need by allowing users to send unlimited messages to mental health experts for $49/month or $300/year. Clients simply complete an online assessment about their worries, moods, and habits, then set up a quick phone call with their assigned therapist. After that they receive daily audio-guided exercises and tools, and can text with their therapist as needed.


With more people using technology, the therapy industry has had to play catch-up, and quickly. One of the ways in which the industry has tried to innovate is via video chat; however, this still requires patients to stick to set appointment times. Gen Y'ers prefer to talk to medical professionals about issues as they arise, similar to a live chat with a customer representative before purchasing online. With the speed of today's modern lifestyle, they need to address the matter immediately, or it could be forgotten. BetterHelp offers unlimited chat room conversations with mental health professionals for $40/week. For added peace of mind, it also encrypts exchanges to ensure privacy.

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