The Most Devilishly Handsome Ashtrays

Peter Dolkas

We don't condone smoking, but ashtrays can make a chic addition to your tabletop. Their presence will instantly add a groovy vibe to your lounge, and they can be used as catch-alls for all sorts of odds and ends, including jewellery, spare change, remote controls, or matches (for candles, of course!). You don't have to be lighting up Lucky Strikes like Roger Sterling to appreciate the sculptural form of a ceramic or glass ashtray.

Fashionable designers like Alexander WangMartin Margiela, and Hermès have debuted a number of designs, providing an easy way to add some designer merch to your manse. If you don't expect anyone to ever light up in your abode, use one of these beauties as a change holder on an entry table or atop a bedroom dresser. It will still provide the same buzz.

Photography: Andrew Arthur

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