Out of Office: Dream Desert Vacations for Getting Off the Grid

Sophie Miura

We laid with our backs against the sand, gazing skyward where shooting stars left silver trails across the dark abyss. We were in the middle of nowhere—somewhere on the outskirts of the Sahara Desert—on an unmarked dune reached by camel with the guidance of a barefoot Berber man.

It's been three years since this desert trip, but it remains one of my favourite travel experiences. The allure, perhaps, is getting off the grid—hardly a new pursuit, but one that's gone mainstream. Just take Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim Kardashian West's desert vacations. Recently, stars have been eschewing popular tourist spots and venturing into the barren, red center of the desert for a moment of rest and respite. Sound appealing? Set your out-of-office reply and make your way to one of these dreamy desert retreats.

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