A Dermatologist Tell Us These 4 Eye Creams Will Actually Deliver Results

Kelly Dawson

It's understandable to be self-conscious about the skin surrounding eyes. This area can be ultra-sensitive to what seems to be a long list of culprits—certain foods, a lack of sleep, too many tears, and the all-too-obvious passage of time, for instance—and sometimes it feels as though nothing can be done to smooth and tighten its appearance. That is, unless you select the right eye cream.

"An optimal eye cream can help tighten this thin eyelid skin, preventing wrinkles and eye bags," says dermatologist Ronald Moy, MD, of MFC Dermatology in Beverly Hills and the founder of DNA Renewal skincare.

In the years that Moy has focused on treatments and products that help reverse the wrinkles and sags that tend to occur around eyes, he's found that there are a few ingredients that make an eye cream "optimal." The first and most important one, he says, is epidermal growth factor, which boosts the collagen production needed for skin to appear more youthful. "It has been proven to 'thicken' under-eye skin over time and counteract bone loss," he says.

Other active ingredients like algae and plankton are also best since they can combat environmental damage brought on by sun exposure. Lastly, Moy says that brightening agents should also be considered for their ability to diminish the look of dark circles.

So don't let that self-consciousness get the best of you. Given Moy's easy-to-follow instructions, the four eye creams that he would recommend—which include these must-have ingredients—are sure to bring results fast. And if you really want to weigh your options, we found six more picks that have gotten the seal of approval from Sephora shoppers, just because.

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