5 Décor Trends That Are Better in Theory

Gabrielle Savoie

It's always tempting to try the latest décor trend to blow up our Instagram feeds or Pinterest boards. From the Pantone colour of the year to the minimalist movement, there is no shortage of new decorating ideas to test out in our homes. That said, as we've learned with the proliferation of #PinterestFails, there is no shortage of recipes, DIY attempts, or decorating projects that turned not quite as nice as anticipated.

To help you learn from other people's mistakes (instead of your own), we turned to our Instagram followers and asked them to share the decorating trend they tried that turned out to be better in theory than in practice. Should you paint your walls white, hang a gallery wall, or layer your rugs? Scroll through to find out—we listed our favourite decorating mistakes along with easy fixes for each of them.

Opening image: courtesy of Studio Ashby.

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