5 Ideas for Decluttering in a Flash

Neal Beckstedt Author and organisation expert Peter Walsh compiled this list for Huff Post Home, and we're taken by the fast, yet impactful, ways to reduce clutter and jump-start spring cleaning. Focusing on quick fixes and opportunities to ease yourself into a whole-home overhaul, the list provides easy ways to make big changes in under an hour. Below are five of our favourite tips and tricks. 1. Box it Up: Set aside a donation box and leave it by the front door, every time you leave the house, toss something in the box: clothes, dated décor items, unused toys -- whatever. Donate to Goodwill when it's full. 2. The Third Degree: Since you likely only wear the top half of your stack of sweaters or folded T-shirts, toss the bottom third in your newly established donation bin. 3. 5-5-5: Take five minutes to find five items to throw away, five items to give away, and five items to put away. 4. Be Timely: Break the mental barrier by setting a timer for seven minutes and sorting through as much clutter and mess as you can before your time is up. Short enough that it doesn't seem like an arduous task, but long enough to get something accomplished. 5. Make A Mad Dash: Pretend that company is coming for dinner in 15 minutes. What would be your first instinct to clean up: the stack of papers and mail in the kitchen, the mess of toys in the family room, or the dirty dishes in the sink? Set that timer and get started. See the full list at Huff Post Home and click here and here for some organisation inspiration from Domaine. Photograph: Neil Beckstedt Studio

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