Beyond Chocolate Cake: 3 Unique Desserts That Are Guaranteed to Impress

Sophie Miura

Chocolate and caramel might be the most common dessert flavours, but there's a whole world of possibilities when it comes to sweet treats. At least, that's the first lesson we learned from Food52's latest cookbook Genius Desserts, a compilation of 100 inventive, downright decadent recipes that promise to change the way you bake. 

"My job in working on this book was to find the best examples of what we consider genius desserts—both memorable and extremely delicious; they're the ones that surprise you and shake you out of casually accepting what a dessert can be," says Kristen Miglore, author and creative director at Food52. Indeed, many of Miglore's favourite recipes have untraditional flavour combinations. "The cookie I craved most through recipe testing was Alice Medrich’s Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies because the flavours are subtle and almost savoury: bitter cacao nibs, nutty buckwheat, and toasty brown butter. So good!" she says. Other standouts include a parsnip cake with blood orange buttercream and cardamom walnut cakes with pink peppercorn. 

Forget what you know about desserts—these three recipes from Food52's new cookbook will convince you to get creative in the kitchen.

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