The Secret to Dealing With Office Politics

Kelsey Clark

The Styleograph

We're all familiar with the 21-cent wage gap statistic, as well as the things we're doing to close it. But workplace inequality goes far beyond the pay gap; it's often imbedded in office politics and workplace culture.

Rosina Racioppi, president and CEO of Women Unlimited Inc., is one of the many women devoted to challenging traditionally homogenous workplaces and nurturing female leaders in the process. Through various development programs, Racioppi works with Fortune 1000 companies to get the most out of their female talent.

"Women have a different experience in the organisation than their male counterparts, mostly because the organisations' dynamics were designed by the people who founded them—basically white men," said Racioppi in an interview with Fortune. "There's nothing wrong with that—they're very bright, wonderful, business-minded individuals—but it's no wonder that frustration was the result."

Racioppi recommends focusing on networking opportunities, finding a mentor, improving communication with managers, and thinking about the bigger picture. "It's important to ask, 'What are the things I'm really good at?' And of that, 'What is the subset that I not only really love, but that brings value to the business that I'm a part of?'" said Racioppi, who believes it's all about finding joy in what you do and taking control of your career path. 

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