Do You Own Any of These Dating Deal-Breakers?

Dana Covit

Allow us to set the scene: You’re on a third date and totally digging your plus-one. Conversation is relaxed, it’s all good fun, and you inevitably return to his or her home for a nightcap. Then, suddenly, you spot a major dating deal-breaker: Is that a Scarface poster adhered to the wall with scotch tape? Oh no, that won’t do.

To get a better understanding of what men and women view as deal-breakers when it comes to a potential partner’s home, we polled co-workers, friends, and even some strangers—men and women included—for their biggest grievances. The result? A wide array of sentiments, ranging from hilariously picky to totally reasonable. Read on to make sure your home is in the clear. And before you continue, allow us to remind everyone that, yes, true love overcomes all—even (gasp!) a bed sans sheets.

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