How to Keep Your Home From Looking Dated

Sacha Strebe

Trends happen to the best of us, as they should. Everyone should relish the style of their current era, be in the moment, and make memories in their own “heyday.” Unfortunately, style isn't eternal, and sometimes no matter how much money and time you invest in decorating your home, or how few of the trends you fall for, your interior décor becomes dated, and the look you loved then doesn't work as well now. Despite your best efforts, that brightly coloured accent wall you painted in the ’90s just isn’t looking so fresh anymore, is it? This certainly doesn’t mean you have bad taste, or that your house is old; it’s just that this part of your home is starting to look a little dated, maybe frumpy. So how do you passé-proof your home? Scroll down for a few tips to keep your dwelling up-to-date.

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