Exclusive: Tour Country Star Darius Rucker’s Charming Charleston Home

Charleston-based interior designer Angie Hranowsky developed chemistry with her clients, country star and former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker and his wife Beth, almost immediately. “This was the first time we worked together,” Hranowsky shares. “Beth consulted with me briefly while they were building the house and then called me the minute they moved in and hired me.” From this moment on, the women developed a partnership in order to transform the new-construction house into a functional home for the couple and their three children.

“Beth was very involved in the process and she has a very good eye,” the designer tells us. “She's the kind of client where I would come over, and she would say ‘look at this cool painting I found,’ and it would be perfect for the house.” A thoughtful combination of colour, texture, form, and function brings the home to life to personalise the space for the busy family.

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