This Is How Successful Women Power Through an Afternoon Energy Slump

Sophie Miura

It's mid-afternoon, and you've just hit a familiar slump. Time feels excruciatingly slow, your energy levels have dropped, and you're frustratingly prone to distraction (thanks, Instagram). It's a daily struggle that most desk dwellers can relate to—yes, even CEOs.

There's one key difference between successful women and those who let the afternoon get the best of them: They know that every hour in the office should be maximized, and they follow a routine to get back on track. Here, we asked women at the top of their career to share their top productivity hack. They run multimillion-dollar businesses, edit glossy magazines, and manage thriving teams—If anyone knows how to push past distractions and finish the day strong, it's them. 

Quit procrastinating: This is the best way to overcome an afternoon energy slump, according to women at the top. 

How do you power through an afternoon energy slump? Reach for these snacks for an extra boost. 

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