This Melbourne Duo Painted a Mural in L.A. and It's Gaining a Lot of Attention

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Separating work and personal life may be high on most relationship agendas, but not for Australian husband and wife art duo, Dabs and Myla—together they form DabsMyla. The L.A.-based couple (originally from Melbourne) have just unveiled an eye-popping new mural on Hollywood's Beverly Boulevard and it's capturing a lot of attention. "I think something that makes our art work unique is not only that it’s a collaboration of two people, but also that it's two people who have such a close relationship," says Dabs. "The fact that we spend all our time together and now basically function like one artist, makes for unique results in what we’re creating." So they work, live, and do everything together, what’s their secret? We caught up with the couple to talk all things art, relationships, and most importantly, where to eat in L.A.

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Brent Broza

MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: What was your creative inspiration behind the mural?

Dabs: The Hollywood Beverly Boulevard mural is of a psychedelic Californian desert theme. There's an energy in the desert here there that really inspires our work. We'd been exploring different desert scenes in our studio, which initially began with a group of paintings that focused on interior situations with windows looking out to the desert. From there, we developed paintings to focus on what was only seen outside. It was only natural to take it further and explore the same concept on a large scale for a mural.

MD: How did you get the opportunity to paint the mural in L.A.?

D: We hadn't painted a wall in L.A. for a while and had a few weeks available to take the time out from the studio to do one. We really wanted something long in length that would be perfect for the specific concept we had in mind of a long psychedelic cactus/desert scene. We were lucky enough for the perfect wall on Hollywood’s Beverly Boulevard to become available for us.


Brent Broza

MD: How long did it take?

Myla: We were painting the wall for five days. We actually thought it would be quicker than it was, but that's no surprise because we always underestimate how long larger walls will take to paint.

MD: What has the response to the mural been?

D: There's been a great response to the mural. From people who have seen it on the internet or driven passed it, but there was also a great response from all the people who live in the immediate area. Everyone was very excited to have it in the trendy Hollywood neighbourhood, which was cool.

MD: Why did you decide to pick up and move to L.A.?

D: We had visited L.A. a few times on vacation and just really liked the vibe of the city, the different neighbourhoods, and all the people were so creative. We had never really thought about moving away from Melbourne, but after the trip we decided to move to L.A. for a change. Originally we thought we might stay for a year or two, but once we arrived we fell even more in love with the city. Now more than eight years later we are still here. It really feels like home to us.




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MD: How did you two meet?

M: We met each other while we were studying illustration in Melbourne. We were good friends while we were studying and really loved each other’s artwork. Over time we ended up falling in love.

MD: What are your top five things to do in L.A.?

D: In all honesty we don't get as much time as we would like to get out and do things in L.A. We spend most of our time in our studio painting, but when we do take time off, our favourite things to do are:

1. Meet up with friends when we can, whether it’s exploring markets, or viewing the latest art installations. The Marciano Art Foundation just opened and we’re looking forward to checking out.

2. Taking our dog on hikes in the mountains, such as Griffith Park’s Bronson Canyon trail or Eaton Canyon, which is a nature reserve in the San Gabriel Mountains.

3. Seeing live bands. We're lucky in L.A. to have so much great live music, and there are some really awesome venues here. One of our favourites is The Wiltern—we love the Art Deco elegance of the theatre.

4. There are some beautiful beaches down the coast. In summer we live to drive down to Laguna or San Clemente and swim in the ocean. If you're only visiting L.A. for a short period, check out the laidback Venice Beach, or the white gold sand of Hermosa Beach—both are easily accessible from around L.A.

5. Even though we don't find the time to get there as often these days, we do really love going to Disneyland.

MD: Where are your top three places to eat in L.A.?

D: Crossroads Kitchen is our all-time favourite place to eat as it is a totally plant-based vegan restaurant. And Gracias Madres is another vegan restaurant that serves delicious Mexican dishes. Finally, Sweet Rose Creamery is a delicious ice-cream place that we don’t go to very often but it’s a great place for a sweet treat.

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