10 Undeniably Cool Living Rooms That Gave Us All Heart Palpitations

The living room is typically the most utilised space in any home, which means it certainly deserves your attention (and your eye for design). Whether you use yours to display your favourite artwork, enjoy movies on a big screen, or host the occasional party, the perfect setup is of the utmost importance.

Not only should the room meet your practical needs—ample seating or plenty of storage space, for instance—it should also express your personal design style. After all, the living room all but sets the stage for the décor that's found in the rest of your home and it's likely where you spend a good amount of your time.

If you're thinking of redecorating, this is definitely the room to start with. No matter your tastes, there is a myriad of design elements to play with, from big factors like the paint colour and the layout to more minor details like decorative objects and personal items. All you have to do is establish the style of the room. Are you a traditionalist or do contemporary furnishings make your heart skip a beat? Do you get excited at the sight of a vintage mid-century modern chair or would you rather seek out more modern pieces?

While you mull over these questions, turn your attention to a few cute living rooms that will inspire your next design project. These spaces vary in everything from style to layout, offering you an idea of what you might like in your home and what you know you'll want to avoid. Here are 10 living rooms worthy of your consideration.

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