5 Simple Tips for Handling Workplace Criticism Like a Boss

Sacha Strebe

Even when you’ve done everything in your power to get things right at work, some days you just can’t win with your boss. It might only be small soundbites of feedback each time, but over the course of the day, they can really add up and catch you off-guard. If you don’t learn how to handle this constructive feedback from the get-go, it could negatively impact your career. No one really likes being criticized, and while it can often feel like a personal assault, there is a silver lining.

Did you ever stop to think that this could be your boss trying to help you improve? When you welcome feedback, the lines of communication are open, and it can dramatically improve your working relationship. In fact, a study by academic Emily Heaphy and consultant Marcial Losada in Harvard Business Review found that negative feedback is an essential part of the mix because it “has the ability to grab someone’s attention” and “guard against complacency.” So before you get defensive or have an embarrassing meltdown, here are five tips for handling criticism at work like a boss.

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