10 Creative Date-Night Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

Sacha Strebe

Christian Vierig / Getty

Whether you want to romance a new partner or spice up your marriage, the humble date night is the zest your love life needs. This simple act of courtship can shift a fun fling into a long-term liaison, bring the flirtatious aspect back to a steady relationship, or be the powerful antidote that turns a rocky romance around. 

Despite its importance, date night is often overlooked because we’re either too busy in our relationship or we avoid one-on-one time for less intimidating group dates. I  know that making date night a priority with my husband has been a game-changer for us. It shows that the two of us are committed and passionate about each other to save that date but also the connection and bond it establishes between us during those dates is priceless.

So, we want you to put your creative cap on and think outside the usual restaurant rendezvous or movie night. Here are a few of our favourite unexpected tête-à-têtes.

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