Found: The Coolest Offices in the World—Step Inside

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

It’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest companies are also proud owners of some of the world's most impressive offices. Business Insider Australia curated its edit of the coolest offices in the world and it seems the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Skype and Spotify have taken #officegoals to a whole new level. From indoor swings and island-themed areas at Groupon’s Chicago office, a bright-blue playground slide at footwear company Toms' L.A. head office, and a Ford Mustang pool table at Quicken Loans' Detroit HQ, it’s hard to believe these spaces are actually for working in. Our favourite? The studios of Selgas Cano Architecture in Madrid, which are tucked inside a woodland and nestled partially underground—imagine. This is what it must look like to never have the Sunday night blues. Scroll on and take a rare peek inside these almost unimaginable spaces.

Head to Business Insider Australia to tour more seriously cool office spaces and spruce up your workspace with these desk essentials.

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