I Shop All Day for a Living—Here's the Coolest Décor I've Seen This Month

Sacha Strebe

When you're tasked with curating a shopping gallery of the coolest décor, there's certainly an element of pressure you feel in making sure you select the best of the best. Thankfully, I shop all day for a living. No, that doesn't mean I'm actually making a transaction every time, but I certainly do add many of them to my virtual cart, and I always have a million tabs open with new furniture and decorative objects I love.

There really is an art to curation, and as much as I look forward to compiling this list, many of them do end up coming home with me, much to my credit card's dismay. But rather than keep all the cool décor to myself, this time I'm putting it in a handy shopping list so you can shop them too. ('Tis the season, right?) Take a scroll, and be sure to DM me your favourites on Instagram.

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