These iPhone Cases are Going to Make Your Phone Obsession So Much Worse

Nicole Singh

Sure you probably don't need a new case for your iPhone, but in a world where you can access all your needs via the convenience of your device, it's a little luxury that makes you feel a little better with every swipe. In fact, it must be something that every millennial desires, with many brands including high-end fashion houses creating cases for any type of aesthetic. 

But before we provide the goods, (and show you the iPhone cases we're currently adding to cart) if you're really worried about your phone time, our office has grabbed countless hours back by downloading Moment, an app that tracks how much you use your phone each day, and allows you to set limits per day.

So now that we've sorted it out, you can reward yourself by perusing the chic cover options below. 

The Daily Edited iPhone 7 Ink Navy Case ($50)

Kate Spade New York iPhone 6 Clear Case ($87)

The Daily Edited iPhone 7 Shadow Text Case ($80)

Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 8 Leather Case ($415)

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