15 Genius Kitchen Hacks to Up Your Cooking Game

Sophie Miura

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Fancy yourself a pro in the kitchen? The team at Cooking Light rounded up the top kitchen shortcuts that all great home chefs should know. Up your culinary skills with our edit of the top 15 hacks to save you time and effort in the kitchen. 

1. Peel eggshells in an instant. Fill a tall glass halfway with water. Drop the boiled egg in the glass and seal it by placing your hand over the top. Shake the glass over the sink to loosen the shell, then peel.

2. Cool down brown onions. If your onions start to brown too early, slow down the sautéing process by tossing an ice cube in the pan.   

3. Make powdered sugar. Pulverise granulated sugar in a spice grinder to create a fine dust.

4. Keep meals warm. If guests are running late, set your oven to a warm setting and add your ceramic plates. The heated dishes will keep the meal warm. 

5. Savour leftover wine. Add your last few drops of wine to an ice cube mould and freeze it. Drop the wine cubes in a pan when your dish needs an extra flavour kick. 

6. Add flavour to grains. Spice things up by cooking quinoa or rice in tea-infused water such as Earl Grey or chai.

7. Make the perfect roast vegetables. Pop the roasting pan in the oven while it preheats to speed up the process. 

8. Create your own buttermilk. Whisk 3/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup water of skim milk. 

9. Test the sell-by date of an egg. Put an egg in a tall glass of water and follow this rule: Good eggs sink and bad eggs float.

10. Cook stock overnight. Homemade stock takes time, so quit waiting around and do it while you sleep. Place ingredients in a Dutch oven and cook for eight hours overnight. In the morning, simply skim, strain and refrigerate.

11. Speed-ripen bananas. Need brown bananas for your recipe? Add them to a lined baking tray and microwave to speed up the process. 

12. Make a DIY basting brush. If you don't have a basting or pastry brush, use parchment paper. Fold it over a few times then cut fringing in the bottom of the paper to create makeshift bristles.

13. Clean your grill pan in an instant. Use a grill brush for a fuss-free way to clear your pan, or hold it over a gas burner to budge baked-on grit.

14. Avoid spillage. When pouring gravy or soup from a bag, steady it by sitting the bag in a bowl first. The bowl will give it structure so you can pour the contents without spilling it.

15. Bake in portions. Guilty of cooking a batch of cookies, then eating all of them? Help control your portions by spooning out smaller amounts of cookie batter onto baking paper, then freeze the uncooked mixture. When you're hungry, bake and enjoy!

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What's your cooking hack? Share your tips in the comments below.  

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