Conversation Starters for Texting That Go Beyond "Hey"—Try This Instead

Kelly Dawson

For most of us, texting multiple people throughout the day is as normal as brushing our teeth or fixing dinner after work. We don't necessarily think about the thousands of tiny bubbles we've sent between loved ones over the years—we just continue building on them, one response after another. That is, unless, we've received a new number and the message screen is blank.

"Starting a text conversation depends on the scenario," Carmelia Ray, an online dating expert and advisor to the WooYouApp, says. "You want to be really mindful of the personality type and communication preference of the person."

We all know that the ease of texting makes it the preferred choice for simple conversations or for multitasking, and it can also be a way to keep nerves calm when discussing sensitive subjects. Most of us are experienced with the downsides of that convenience, too, which Carmelia calls the "misrepresentation and misunderstanding" that occurs when tone and context are lost. Either way, typing out what to grab at the grocery store or thoughtfully composing a paragraph-length response to an argument has to start somewhere. And it's hard to know if a simple "hey" at the very beginning can eventually lead to a level of intimacy.

"It takes some time getting to know someone's communication style and may be best to ask in the beginning, 'So are you a texter, or do you prefer to talk on the phone?' or 'Can you text at work, or when is the best time to text you?'"

If you just scored someone's digits—whether it's platonic or romantic—Carmelia has offered up some examples of conversation starters. We've also asked her what not to do in this situation because we all know the unique frustration of an unanswered text, too.

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