This Blogger Visited All 7 Continents in 7 Years—Here's How You Can Too

Dacy Knight


Many of us dream of dropping everything and escaping from our quotidian lives in pursuit of far-off adventures, wherever the world calls us. British business school alumnus Amar Hussein did exactly that. When he graduated into a recession at 22 years old, he took an unconventional route and made travelling his full-time occupation. Seven years later, he's visited all seven continents and is the founder and editor-in-chief of Gap Year Escape, a travel blog read in 138 countries.

During his many travels, Hussein has learned a thing or two about optimising your trip. Hoping to inspire adventerseekers to take some time off to give in to their wanderlust, he shared his top travel tips with Business Insider via email.

Head over to Business Insider for the full list and keep scrolling to see our top picks plus the items that can help make them happen. 

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