8% of Australians Do This 'Creepy' Thing On a First Date—Are You One of Them?

Nicole Singh

Getty Images / Christian Vierig

First dates are riddled with anxiety. “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” are just a few questions that whizz through your mind as you try to make the best first impression. You’ve likely already thought about the perfect outfit to wear, prepped conversation starters, and pondered what the least awkward meal to eat on the menu will be, but now in the digital age, phone protocol on a first date has blurry lines of distinction. What do we think is OK, and what's not?

According to research released by Huawei, it seems that what we would commonly assume to be dating faux pas, are in fact common on most first dates in Australia. After surveying 1,000 single Australians, it was found that while 80% check their dates' social media profiles prior to a date, 8% also admit to checking up on their date's profile during the date itself. 

The survey also found that one-third of participants would take a selfie on a date and think that it's more acceptable than replying to an email, while nearly 45% found that it's acceptable to show photos from your smartphone as a lead to conversation. It seems that our smartphones are continuously becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives—even the dating game is no longer safe!

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